rated 4.0/5

rated 4.1/5


DanMazkin - iOS

Pretty amazed at how despite how simple and stylized it seems, the game still manages to distill some of the core concepts of climbing while keeping it fun and challenging. Easily the best climbing game I’ve played. 


Quinn Thompson - Android

Solid game! As a climber I think you've done a really good job nailing the problem solving aspect of the sport, well done!


galloafro - iOS

It is so hard to find good climbing games than when a gem like this one comes out you should definitely give it a go! The gameplay, at least for me, does provide the feeling of rhythm and flow that one normally gets when climbing. So, new best companion for rests between climbs!


distantsahmurai - iOS

This game is great for learning to plan your route before you begin climbing and successfully flash the boulder! Awesome!


About Crux

Crux is a rock climbing game that brings the essence of the sport to your smartphone. Climbing is about carefully planning your route and flawless execution. In Crux you swipe on either side of the screen to move your hands or feet to a new hold - but each hold will only let you hang on for so long. Find the sequence of moves that get you to the top and execute them! And when you mastered all the challenges - Crux lets you design your own routes to share with other climbers!