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DEC 13 2020

Crux 2.0 feature list

  • Climbing improvements

    • New hold types: Holds can now be locked from any one direction. A white triangle indicates the side that a hold can not be accessed from.

    • Virtual buttons: If you don’t like the swiping controls you can now activate virtual direction buttons in the pause menu.

    • Feedback: If the climber is not able to perform a move that you have entered, there is now a head shaking animation to show that you’re asking for too much!

  • New content

    • There are 40 new routes shipping with Crux 2.0 - some for free and some to unlock in the store, as per usual. And if you run out of climbs, read below for some good news on the community front!

  • Community climbing

    • We’re completely changing how you can interact with other climbers. Instead of manually shared gyms there is now a Community section where you can find all published routes in different ways:

    • Route search: find any player-made route by name

    • Categories: discover routes via different categories, such as recently added, recently climbed by you, editor’s pick and more

    • Ratings: After every climb you’ll be able to rate the quality of the route and suggest a different grade/difficulty if you thought it was harder/easier than the given grade. Those ratings and grading suggestions will be collected and automatically change the grade of the route over time. The ratings serve both as feedback for the creator as well as for other players who want to find the best routes in the game.

  • Competitions

    • There is now a competition section where you can see upcoming, active or past competitions. Once a competition is live you’ll be able to play the included routes until the competition closes. Then we’ll announce the winner and award points based on ranking that will show up in your statistics and achievements.

  • Feedback and statistics

    • After topping a climb there is a new overview on how well you did that includes number of attempts, moves and route-based achievements, for example if you’re the first person to ever finish the route

    • There is a statistics overview with three types of overviews:

      • Climbing stats: Lots of input on your climbing achievements, how many routes you topped, the hardest grade you climbed etc.

      • Route setting stats: How many routes you have created and shared, how many people have climbed them, how they’re being rated etc.

      • Route stats: For each route you created you can see how that route is doing, climbers, tops, attempts, etc.

    • Achievements! Whenever you pass notable milestones (e.g. your first V10 flash or your 100th top) you’ll get a little congratulations.

  • Route setting improvements

    • You can now add the new hold types to all new AND existing routes. Simply tap on any hold and choose a “lock” from the side menu

    • Start and finish holds can now positioned freely. Start holds still need to be in the second row from the bottom and finish holds still need to be on the top row. To change them, simply tap any hold in those rows and you’ll be able to choose “top” or “start” in the menu

    • You can now unlock ALL the route colors that Crux features. In the route creation menu you can see what’s needed to unlock a specific color (e.g. create 10 routes to unlock ‘Cornflower’)

  • Sign up / log in

    • Some of the new features of Crux will require you to sign up with a username and email. This is both to keep your routes and statistics safe and to enable things like competitions (so we can reach out to the winners).

    • All the single player routes as well as creating routes is totally sign-up free. As soon as you want to play community routes or publish your self-made routes we’ll ask you to sign up.


Ben Dressler

MindGames Studio

+46 706 701 806

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