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Based in Stockholm, Sweden

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1st September 2020



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Free, no ads, in-app purchases


Crux is a rock climbing game that brings the essence of the sport to your smartphone. Climbing is about carefully planning your route and flawless execution - and Crux translates this into a novel timing-based puzzle mechanic with artful aesthetics.

You swipe on either side of the screen to move your climbers hands or feet to a new hold - but each hold will only let her hands hang on for so long. Find the sequence of moves that get you to the top and execute them without hesitation! 

The game comes with over 100 levels, from gently ladder-like to nail-biters that demand absolute perfection. But don’t worry - there is a practice mode that lets you hang on to the tiniest hold for eternity.

And when you mastered all the challenges or just want to get creative - Crux lets you design your own levels! The Route Setter lets you choose one of four wall sizes to build, test and share your own levels. 


When Crux creator Ben Dressler visited Yosemite Valley for the first time in 2016 he got inspired to create a climbing-themed game in the spiritual line of succession of Altos Adventure - with simple controls and beautifully stylized art centered on the nature experience.

A small obstacle to overcome was that Ben was neither an artist nor could write a line of code. It took about 3 years of weekends and evenings to learn enough of the basic skills, prototype plenty of gameplay approaches to climbing (yes, there was a drag-the-limb prototype) and settle on an art style (and having his first kid in the process).

However, shortly after going into production mode on ‘Project Yosemite’ in late 2019 it became clear that the artistic scope was too large and that the project needed simplification. It was at that time that the Corona Virus changed the world and climbing gyms all over the world shut their doors. This sparked the idea to pivot the game around a climbing gym experience with a much narrower artistic scope. Crux was born as hopefully the first entry in a series of artful climbing games.


  • Simple timing-based puzzle gameplay

  • Authentic climbing movements are powered by over 40 hand-crafted animations 

  • Flat shaded 3D allows for the movement to look realistic yet delightfully minimalistic at the same time

  • Over 100 hand-crafted levels - with the most difficult boulders inspired by great climbers of present and past generations 

  • Look around and ‘read the route’ whenever on a ‘save hold’

  • Build your own levels and share them with others

  • Practice-mode to try a level without any time pressure

  • Flash’ achievement for any level that you complete on the first attempt

  • Original music and audio transport you right into the climbing gym setting (headphones recommended!)

  • Crux is a free game for iOS and Android with no ads or in-app purchases!​

  • Participate in competition events where all players can try and complete as many boulders as possible from specially designed levels - the most completes in the fewest attempts win!


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James Gilmour, PocketGamer:

Take QWOP and force the flaily-limbed character to go rock climbing, and you've got something akin to Crux: A Climbing Game. Actually, it's a lot more graceful than that. But it's still demanding, occasionally chaotic, and looks painful when it goes wrong. I recommend it - I’m having a good time even though I’m getting destroyed!

Bennett Slavsky, Climbing Magazine:

Playing Crux is pleasantly intriguing, especially as the levels increase in difficulty. Just like real climbing, as the routes get harder the sequence becomes more precise, and dialing in beta as your avatar climber fights the pump mimics the real-life problem solving process. The game is clearly well-made by climbers and for climbers.

Riley MacLeod, Kotaku:

New mobile game Crux almost scratches my climbing itch: the climbing gym simulator gives me the problem-solving fun of rock climbing, but without the sore arms and shirtless bros of the gym.

Crux gives me some of the mental joys of climbing, if not the physical and social joy of doing it myself. In these shitty times, that’s a pretty great thing.

Matthew Sholtz, AndroidPolice:

I expected a casual affair with simplistic mechanics, but boy, was I wrong. [...] I was pleasantly surprised by Crux, so it's definitely worth checking out if you're looking for a game that requires skill to play.

Edwin van Beinum & Samwoo Ee, Seven Days To Play

This is a quite original idea - I don’t think I’ve seen a puzzle climbing game before. [...] There is a certain grace to scaling walls that is accurately captured here. [...] I got into the groove of things pretty easily - and by the sixth day I was seeing the matrix. [...] A surprisingly deep game.

Data (latest update: October 16th)

  • 100,000 installs

  • 88k/24k MAU/WAU

  • 4.5 million level attempts

  • 10:08 min average session time

  • 173 AppStore ratings (4.1 average)

  • 89 PlayStore ratings (4.5 average)

  • 87:13 iOS:Android 

Credits & Contact


Ben Dressler

Developer, Artist, Producer

Sophie Albrecht

Music & Sound


Helge Wieding

Alex Kelsey

Alexei Vink

Matthias Bäuerle

John Rowlands


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