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‘Crux’ sequel ‘The Great Outdoors’ takes its unique climbing mechanics outside.

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Stockholm, Sweden - April 22nd, 2022. With a marketing budget of zero, mobile climbing game ‘Crux’ saw over 250,000 players make over 12,000,000 attempts to get to the top since it launched. Now, ‘Crux: The Great Outdoors’ makes good on the original vision of letting players climb in the most scenic places the world has to offer.

“Crux was initially meant to be all about outdoors climbing - but I simply didn’t have the art chops to do it justice.” said Ben Dressler, the solo developer behind Crux. “So when it got this kind of reception I committed to levelling up my artistic skills to where I needed to get.” 

Just as the original, Crux: The Great Outdoors translates climbing into a timing-based puzzle game with authentic animations - but adds lots of polish, new moves and nine serene and beautiful landscapes, from Caribbean coastline to rugged Highlands and red canyon walls. 

Players can control through swipe input or on-screen buttons and there is an extensive tutorial, a practice mode and more feedback options to ease new players in. Players can fully customise their character and - a key new feature - now jump across gaps they couldn’t previously cross. The game is a USD 3.99 purchase on iOS & Android (65+ levels with extra completion goals) with future content upgrades at no extra cost.

Grab your climbing shoes and enter the Great Outdoors on iOS or Android!


Ben Dressler

MindGames Studio

+46 706 701 806

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