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Mobile climbing game ‘Crux: The Great Outdoors’ brings its unique puzzle mechanic to Steam - and adds levels on mobile!


Stockholm, Sweden - February 17th, 2023. Since the original entry in the franchise launched in 2020, over 300,000 players have taken to the virtual walls in ‘Crux’ and ‘Crux: The Great Outdoors’. The latter is now launching on Steam.

“One of the main issues I’ve had with Crux is that the swipe controls don’t work for everyone.” said Ben Dressler, the solo developer behind Crux. “And even for me personally, keyboard and gamepad support elevate the experience to a whole new level.”

‘Crux: The Great Outdoors translates climbing into a timing-based puzzle game with a novel, unique spin on how to climb in a video game: Players control feet and hands separately - moving one hold at a time through the grid based levels while a stamina timer limits how long they can keep their hands in position. It features authentic animations, twelve serene and beautiful landscapes with over 70 levels, from Caribbean coastline to rugged Highlands and red canyon walls. 

The game is a USD 9.99 purchase on Steam. iOS and Android players who have purchased Crux: The Great Outdoors will receive an update with the new content and functionality at no extra cost, also releasing on Feb 17th.

Grab your climbing shoes and enter the Great Outdoors on SteamiOS or Android!


Ben Dressler

MindGames Studio

+46 706 701 806

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