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With many climbers facing lockdowns, new video game ‘Crux’ brings climbing to the smartphone.

Stockholm, Sweden - September 2nd, 2020. Swedish climbing enthusiast Ben Dressler today released his mobile climbing game Crux on iOS and Android. With indoor climbing still severely restricted by Covid-19 lockdowns, Crux provides a digital alternative that focuses on the problem solving aspect of climbing.

“I had floated the idea to make a climbing game for a long time.” said Ben Dressler of MindGames. “But the lockdown suddenly made climbers everywhere look for ways to not just stay fit but also keep connected to the spirit and community of climbing. So I figured I’d get to work!” 

Crux translates climbing into a timing-based puzzle game with artful aesthetics and authentic animations. You swipe on either side of the screen to move your climbers hands or feet to a new hold - but each hold will only let her hands hang on for so long. The game comes with over 100 levels, a practice mode and a route setting feature that lets you build, test and share your own levels. Crux is free without ads or in-app purchases.

Grab your climbing shoes and jump on the wall on iOS or Android!


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