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As climbing gyms get shut down yet again, climbing game CRUX adds community features for its 140,000 players.

As CRUX reaches 140,000 downloads, update strengthens route setting, adds performance feedback and tournaments with prizes. 

Stockholm, Sweden - January 4th, 2021. In September, Crux hit a nerve with its unique gameplay and bouldering theme. After racking up over 140,000 downloads and almost 5 years of cumulative play time in its first 3 months, CRUX’ latest update adds a slew of features to support its passionate and fast-growing community.

“The response to the launch was at least one order of magnitude larger than we dared to hope for.” said Ben Dressler of MindGames. “We could quickly see that people wanted two things: Better route setting and harder problems to climb. So it was obvious that we needed to connect these players by handing people the tools to find and access each others’ routes and give feedback.”

The update introduces a level name search and discovery categories such as “recently added” or “community favourites” which gives access to over 5000 player-made problems. Setters get new climbing holds to play with and statistics on each route that they publish (ratings, grade suggestions, tops etc). Also new are community tournaments where players have a set amount of time to compete on a fresh set of problems and prizes will include in-app items as well as real products through partnerships. The full feature list can be found here.

Crux remains free to play with no ads, supported purely by non-essential purchases.

Dust off your climbing shoes and meet other players on the virtual walls on iOS or Android!


Ben Dressler

MindGames Studio

+46 706 701 806

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